Hero In You


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Hero In You will be free through 7/10! I want my friends to have the song and I am gifting you with the track before it goes on sale later this week.

Just download here and let me know your thoughts!! Hero In You is inspired by the tremendous courage and spirit of goodness in people that I have seen round the world rising up even in the face of hardships. Hope it touches your heart - Share it with the Heroes you know!

So much love - blessings - May Music Light The Way - Big hug Samuel J


Our world she still holds on, her pressure rising in the heating sun,
Who will stand to hold her hand when the time comes to be strong?
No one can heal the world alone
We can all heal the world of our own
It's at the point when the road gets tough,
That we will find the Hero in us

So bring your vibration cause we need right now,
A single smile in the city can ricochet right through the crowds,
Of course you make a difference,
Just by reaching out,
One word of love in the darkness
Can light up a million doubts

Hero in the dark waiting now in you
Life will always test us, but we must really choose
It's from raw emotion - that reminds us we're alive
In the storms of the greatest ocean - shear waters learn to fly life will
Learn to find
Oh the hero inside

Tell me, don't cause a commotion
But I was born to resist being broken
Shout out for all the people still coping
Those oppressed around the world for the voice unspoken
To the lovers of the world still healing
Staying up just to bring the good feelings
In emptiness when we feel lost
We discover the heroes in us

And if alone and afraid, you'll find the Hero in You
If you stand on your own, you'll find the Hero in You
If it's love that you have lost, you'll find the Hero in You
Light it up now to this is Hero in You
In the hardest of time, you'll find the Hero in You
You will always survive, for there is Hero in You
All alone in the dark, you'll find the Hero in You
Light it up now, oh, this is Hero in You


released July 7, 2016



all rights reserved



Samuel J's sound reflects a strong belief in the unifying power of music. A vocalist, composer and producer, his uniquely deep sound has already gained him a strong reputation from a growing fan base around the world. Over the past few years Samuel has toured and opened for the likes of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Zero 7, Alice Russell,  Jurassic 5 and Marcelo D2.
CV received radio play worldwide
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